Children's Theatre

NHS's Theatre Production Program's Annual Touring Children's Play!!

Each year, senior students enrolled in our Theatre Production Program, volunteer to both write and direct an original children's theatre production.  Casting students from all over the Nepean High School community, we take these fanatic and creative original works on tour to various Kindergarten to grade 2 classes around the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board!

Prior to the pandemic in 2018, we were proud to tour  the play “ Strings of Magic” and in 2019,  we presented  “A Woodland Rescue” to many of your students. Last year, after a 2 ½ year hiatus, we brought you “ The Potion Pursuit”  and now we are excited for the opportunity of bringing your Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2 students this year’s production of :

 “The Pirates Pearl : 

A Quest on the high Seas!”  

Here is a brief synopsis of “The Pirates Pearl : A Quest on the High Seas!” from our writers and directors: Ruby Fountain, Gaia Adjemian and Sophie Campbell


“The Pirate’s Pearl” is a  story that follows 2 rival pirate crews, The Buccaneering Bunch and The Plundering Pals. The pirate crews are both on a mission to find a magical Pearl that will grant them eternal wealth. While the Buccaneering Bunch are working hard, the Plundering Pals are taking the easy way by lying and cheating off of the hard work done by their rivals! On this journey, our characters learn how to cross obstacles, how to work together as a team and most importantly, they learn the power of friendship!

“The Pirates Pearl” focuses on the themes of teamwork, friendship, hard work, and respect, while telling a fun and action-packed story!

A Woodland Rescue (2019)

The Potion Pursuit (2022)